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    Course Description

    Web Designing is again a great option to opt for. Do you have creativity in designing? If yes, then get yourself a platform where you can show your creativity to millions of people out there in this online world.

    Get yourself enrolled to Hash Web Tech which is the finest and top web designing institute in Sunder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh. A web designer is the person who designs a website or an application. The design of the website is the first thing that every user sees after landing on the website.


    Things you will learn in Web Designing Course*


    Designing Tools



    Basics of WordPress

    Domain & Hosting Basics

    Basic SEO

    Online Certifications

    So a designer is responsible to attract the visitor of a website or application by the looks and that’s what makes you famous as a Web Designer. This job role of Web Designer is very much in demand in the IT industry and can help you with a handsome amount of salary once you get a decent experience in this field.

    The scope of Web Designing is very huge as daily new websites and applications are hitting the IT sector in this digital world. Just like any other IT job out there in the industry you can also do this from home if you are not interested to visit the remote office location daily. All you need to do is just grab and win a client for yourself and then fulfil his/her demands.

    Web Designing is all about creativity. You can bring fame and visitors to a website, business, or brand by just creating a masterpiece design or creative logo that can attract the visitors. A logo is the face of any business, brand or website. You can show your creativity while designing it and can make your client or company proud of you and your work.

    So if you want to become a Web Designer then don’t waste your time and get yourself enrolled to Web Designing course of Hash Web Tech. You can also contact us here. After the completion of the course and providing certification, we also provide the 100% job placement opportunity to our students under this course.

    * – Syllabus of course changes as per the length of course. Syllabus is different for 3-motnhs, 6-months, and 12-months courses. The syllabus mentioned here is for 12-month course.